Dolmen Sunday Brunch


The brief:

Rebranded entire mall, made a giant shopping bag with gifts coming out, 4-5 of them 2 at Clifton, outside n inside (3)

  • 1 at TR
  • 1 at Hyderi
  • Ppl standing n takin pics w them

Hired a magician, did tricks with kids etc, had a guy on stilts with balloons Creating a festivce mood Rickshaw mai Picture: placed bags next to the rickshaw n asked them to pretend they had just shipped Khareedo, jeeto, rickshaw mai picture: upload pic on fb, get ppl to like it, share it.

Wheel of fortune, random gifts given out provided by brands Announcements for activities, Lucky draw: giving out cars, Goal was to start simultaneously and have all branding be similar: did it all in a short period of time, in sync with all the activities everybody was talking about it, Huge success..fm91, tv channels, media got footfall in dry period: mission accomplished.complished.ccomplished.


  • CLIENT: Dolmen
  • TASK:Sunday Brunch
  • DATE: 2012
  • Brief:Need to have something similar to Dubai shopping Festival, goes across all 3 (hyderi, tariq road, Clifton) Lots of discounts, all brands on board, lots of competition Early jan Promote shopping in dry period (after Christmas, after eid)


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